#Releases and changes

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Version.2.9.0 (future)

  • New plots for assumptions in mixed

Version.2.5.0 (current)

  • Merge pull request #158 from gamlj/Version.2.4.8

! fix defaults centering for glm

  • Fix cluster centering for integer coded clusters

  • Fix simple effects for multinomial models

  • Fix confidence intervals labels

  • Update some tests

  • Fix random coefs CI when covariance are present

  • Fix for bootstrap CI for random effect


  • Fix SS total for GLM


  • Correct dodging of plots


  • Confidence intervals for random effects in mixed models

  • Confidence intervals for generalized mixed models

  • jamovi version compliance

  • Fix jamovi miniapp

  • Spelling errors in Gmixed

  • Fix transfer random effect UI



  • Code restructcuring

  • Save predicted and residuals for mixed models

  • Save predicted and residuals for GzLM

  • Save residuals and predicted for Gz mixed

  • BIC in GzLM

  • Better labels in Gmixed info table


  • Fix order of levels in posthoc tests

  • Tidy format code


  • Bug fixes

  • Suppress some messages in R


  • Choose DF method in mixed models

  • fix direction description in Generalized models

  • Dependent variable transformation for GLM and Mixed

  • Change scale of the dependent variable in GLM and Mixed

  • Better effect size indexes for GLM

  • Better options structure when passed by R, for contrasts and scling in GLM

  • Fix posthoc documentation

  • Better options structure in R for all models

  • Improved R interface

  • Fix gamlj_simpleEffects() output

  • add plot to the R interface

  • Suppress annoying warnings

  • plot() function in R

  • Add posthoc and simpleEffects convenience function for R


  • Fix labels in random coefficients histogram

  • Fix ICC for Generalized mixed

  • Better ICC


  • Assumptions checking plots for GLM and Mixed Models

  • Fixed post-hoc interaction emmeans issue

  • Warning for not integer variable in Poisson models

  • Better warnings for Generalized Linear Models


  • LogLik comment in Generalized Mixed Models

  • Fix logLik in Mixed Models

  • Effect size details for GLM

  • Greek letters in windows


  • Fix resources limit bug


  • First implementation of Mixed Negative Binomial models

  • Fix plot for NB Mixed models

  • Fix methods for C.I. in Generalized Mixed Models

  • Overdispersion indicator for Generalized Mixed Models

  • Overdispersion indicator for Generalized Linear Models

  • ICC for Generalized Mixed Models

  • Add data for Negative Binomial Mixed Model examples

  • Adjustments to the new version of lme4

  • fix resources limit but


  • Fix order of interactions in GLM R interface

  • fix order of interactions in Gzlm

  • Update R help

  • Fix LRT for random effects


  • Fix plots in R


  • response type for predicted in R interface

  • Fix multinomial estimates bug


  • Fix plots in mixed with multiple clustering variables

  • Fix small bugs related with standardizing within clusters in mixed models


  • Different optimizers in GzMixed

  • Extract predicted values in R interface for all models

  • Center covariates by default in R interface

  • update tests for R interface

  • fix update in R interface

  • GLM and GzLM handle cases where parameters are not estimates

  • Improved handling of aliased models


  • Fix jmvcore calls

  • Mixed: Improved convergence with different optimizers

  • Mixed: add info about optimizer

  • Fix results for singular rank models

  • Fix confidence intervals feeback for singular models

  • Improved warnings and errors form GzLM

  • Improved warnings and errors for GzMixed


  • Version 2.0.2


  • optimizer = “bobyqa” for generalized mixed models

  • Fix locate issue in linux

  • Fix simple effects in R 3.6

  • Fix random effects plot in gzmlmixed


  • Generalized mixed models

  • AIC, BIC and Deviance for Generalized Mixed Models

  • Different methods for CI in the generalized mixed models

  • Allow F and t test in simple effects for large sample in Mixed models

  • BIC in mixed models

  • Color observed scores in plots when moderator is categorical

  • fix Random Effects plot of linear predictor


  • Custom distribution and link function in the GzLM

  • Fix effect size indexes defaults for custom model

  • Proper labels for estimated marginal means in GzLM

  • new tests for R package

  • New dataset for Poisson model testing


  • Fix Relative Risk CI inversion


  • fix gzlm UI bug


  • EXp(B) confidence intervals

  • fix the AIC in info table

  • add singular fit check in mixed models

  • Relative Risk for logistic regression

  • Fix bug in updating confidence interval length

  • Update info table when intercept is changed


  • Extract transformed data in R interface

  • Fix multinomial plots with multiple variables

  • Add Sum of Squares total in GLM

  • Sum of squares of error for zero-intercept models

  • Update variables name in supplier when variable name is changed

  • Improved of plot labels


  • datasets added

  • better syntax interface for GLM

  • ignored simple effects span bug fixed

  • updates plots wehn covariate scaling is changed

  • (#72) bug in three-way plots

  • random effect polynomial plotting for small samples

  • fix empty random effect is plots

  • post-hoc added code error

  • simple factor coding as new default

  • formula compliance in R for glm and gzlm

  • Cleaning code for CRAN

  • Changed assumptions option names in glm

  • fix a bug in conditioning of multiple variables

  • Hide effect labels when no factor is in the model

  • Correlation by blocks for random effects

  • Fix info table if clusters are reordered in the UI

  • Add note to random effects plot specifying the cluster used

  • Polynomial effects in R interface

  • Fix post-hoc effect label in GzLM

  • Fix standard errors in Estimated Marginal Means

  • Fix simple effects in multinomila models

  • Halt estimation in R when formula interface is not used and modelTerms are not defined

  • Fix labels for contrasts avoiding squaring equal labels

  • Fix random effects plot when cluster order is changed

  • Added references to docs

  • Fix simple effects for very large samples (N>3000 observations)

  • Fix parameters table when z-test is computed instead of the t-test

  • Transfer repository to https://github.com/gamlj/gamlj

version 1.0.5

  • polynomial effects
  • Update graphs when model terms are changed
  • Fix the R-squared for not binomial GZLM
  • added datasets

version 1.0.4

  • Fix bug in simple effects display in Windows 10
  • Fix simple effects for “dummy” coded factors

version 1.0.3

  • add R interface command to obtain a ggplot object
  • fix some characters in Windows

version 1.0.1


  • bug fix regarding recycling results with very large datasets
  • Estimated marginal means for conditioned covariates
  • contrasts labels in the simple effects parameters table
  • contrasts labels in the plots
  • custom levels for conditioning of continuous variables involved in interactions
  • labels or values in simple effects tables and plots for continuous covariates
  • fix interaction disappearing from model declaration
  • fix variables name with spaces and weired characters
  • Improved description of contrast coding
  • add dummy coding (0 and 1) with intercept equal to reference group
  • Fix interaction symbol in windows 10
  • Restructuring of simple effects and posthoc table for better reading
  • Improved compatibility with R when loaded as R package
  • Helper functions to interact with the results in R
  • Recycle of table results to speed up results updating
  • Fix for factor levels labels with spaces and other weired characters
  • Fix for variable names with spaces and other weired characters
  • Improved plots

Mixed models

  • Intra-class correlation for random intercepts
  • Random effects plots
  • LRT for random effects
  • Fix for models without fixed intercept
  • Fix for random intercept only models
  • Wider range of estimation techniques when model does not converge at first run
  • Improved warnings and comments
  • More flexible estimation of simple effects

GLM models

  • Added Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk tests for normality of residuals
  • Added Adjusted R-squared

GLZM models

  • Several small bug fixes
  • Improved info table regarding model implementation

version 0.9.7

  • fix cluster-based centering and standardizing

version 0.9.6

  • Fix multinomial plot axes

version 0.9.4

New features

  • Probit model
  • Over-dispersed Poisson model
  • Negative binomial model

Bug fixes

  • Plot without confidence intervals
  • Contrasts coding in line wiht ANOVA module

version 0.9.3

  • Plotting raw data along with predicted effects

  • Y-axis range can be set to the range of the dependent variable

  • Confidence intervals for all models in the plots

  • Catching several errors with degenerated or non-estimable multinomial models

version 0.9.2

  • Fixed a bug in the GZLM R-squared. Now the R-squared corresponds to McFadden’s R squared ref info

  • Fix errors with non-standard names of variables

  • Better warnings when emmeans fails to estimate the post-hocs in GZLM

  • Labels in multinomial plots for separate lines variable

  • Uncorrelated random effects option now works

version 0.0.9

  • First release to go public